Second Life founder Philip Rosedale is interviewed in the technology section of today’s Guardian. The introduction of voice techology was mentioned, and voice technology is associated – in this quote at least – with SL’s learning curve, and user retention. I’m not sure how explicitly or deliberately he intends to link these things, however.
From the interview at the Guardian
[Question] So what is the next big step for SL?
PR: I think the voice technology we are developing is very powerful and transformative. The big problem is that it takes a long time to figure out how to do things in SL. Once you get over that, I think SL is a smoother road than the web itself, so taking that average of the four hours it takes now for people to understand SL down to 40 minutes will move us from 10% retention of users to more than 50% and then the 3D web will rapidly be the dominant thing and everyone will have an avatar.