Britta’s avatar at a galleryBritta Pollmuller joined Second Life two months ago and she already has an online exhibition of her first life paintings in a skybox gallery. Britta is a former art teacher who is studying for a MPhil/PhD at Norwich School of Art and Design (Andrew is co-supervising). Britta’s research involves animation in education and its potential impact on learning, creativity and literacy.

Britta kindly offered to take me (Diane) on a introductory tour of SL galleries.

We started at the group show in the skybox where Britta was showing some pictures. We then teleported over to Virtual Starry Night, the Van Gogh museum (where I got lost and found a few times) and then moved to the institutionally-scaled VMOA.

Based on these brief visits it’s easy to imagine how SL might be useful to art teachers, especially as an alternative to conventional textbooks (are textbooks still used in art lessons?). The images look great, and they are beautifully presented. For art educators, the replication of first-life/real life conventions might also be interesting – from group shows in independent or little commercial galleries, to the high-status-with-a-high-ceiling solo-show, to the venerable museum. In each instance, the shows involved work that was produced in first life/real life (paintings, drawings) and scanned into Second Life.

There’s other work out there (installations, video art stuff) and Britta will be adding some ‘landmarks’ and links to this post (see comments). I’m not sure yet how or if these practices intersect with more SL-specific creative practices (from avatar personalisation, building and scripting, to er…’creative interventions’ like grief play…)

Thanks to Britta, and here are the addresses from Britta’s Introductory Tour to Art in Second Life:

SIM 2.0 Art Gallery – Free Space, SINNIQ SIM 01 (165, 24, 23)
Virtual Starry Night – Vincent’s, Luctesa (50, 210, 66)
VMOA, VMOA (150, 75, 27)

Image from a visit to VMOA during the Gottfried Helnwein exhibition.

photo at art gallery