We met up in Second Life on Friday to explore, to try on some make-up (it’s a long story) and to test out screen-capture and recording options.

Andrew used Camtasia (which is what we’ve used before) while I used the in-world Movie record button. This worked fine. On a mac, it saves as a file that drops straight into iMovie. So I’m now practicing filming and editing. Instant machinima! OK, so we are not talking Citizen Kane here, but still…

We often have students who are interested in ‘film and games’ generally, or machinima specifically.

Recording our taught sessions in Second Life will not be a problem. Chat-log also not a problem, as it’s an option on the preferences screen.

I have FRAPS on the PC at work, as we’ve used the demo version for screenshots before. I’ll try it out with World of Warcraft.

Meanwhile, here’s Ms Vella’s instant no-frills, no soundtrack first ever movie (recorded in world, edited in iMovie, and that’s that). This has been interesting and I plan to look into SL movie making, machinima techniques and tools, and machinima and learning, in greater detail. Here is that copy of Ms Vella’s movie. 


(NOTE ADDED IN AUGUST 07 – The in-game record function has not worked since the last patch/update when voice was rolled out…for me, anyway, SL just crashes now if I try and use it. Perhaps try FRAPs if you’re using a PC and let me know if you can suggest an equivalent for Mac!)