My colleague Sue Cranmer ( is researching accessibility guidelines and e-learning.
Sue has an interest in SL also, and she has passed me some links and comments:

From Sue (quote)
The following blog helpfully outlines some of the issues:
Also the RNIB site reports that the Web Accessibility Initiative team are on the case, here:
On the other hand, some users with mobility impairments are saying that second life is supporting the possibility of walking and running which is not possible in their first lives, here:

On a sort-of-related note, here is a recent thread on the forum at the FilmFour website from excluded viewers about ‘the cost of subtitles’, that I look forward to posting to, if I ever get my log-on authorised…really interesting website actually, as there’s a PDF about OFCOM and obligations to diversity and inclusion, and rhetoric about feedback, interaction, and discussion is splattered all over the site…Yet it is not clear how you would actually contact anyone. Particularly at 10.00 pm on a Sunday night when F4 are broadcasting a recently released feature film without subtitles. Like…last night (agggh).