The recently discussed article (‘Voice as Choice’, see earlier post) was annoying, which is lucky, because thinking about why it was annoying has helped to clarify how the introduction of voice relates to our work on this project. 

Certain player-communities (like those undertaking Role-Play, perhaps) might not automatically adopt voice as a default mode of communication. Other communities will. There are some indications that ‘serious’ SL (business, education) users will adopt voice as the default/preferred mode.

To reiterate, it’s not so much the coming of voice to SL that’s the issue that we might explore. It is the emergence of conventions around the use of voice within particular user-groups or genres of event.

Luckily, this links to the work that we are doing on the question of ‘conventions’ (see the notes from our project meetings under the Project Update category), and the relationship between conventions, and social context, expertise, legitimate participation, etc.