We discussed the impending Eduserv meeting, and what each of us could contribute to the presentation. One slight issue is that the work on couples in Warcraft – which is almost complete, in terms of data collection – isn’t directly relevant to the 2nd Life theme of the day. We’ll think more about this when planning out the presentation.

In the meeting, though, we focused on our plans for teaching. Andrew discussed some of the practical problems of making the environment available to students, and we both agreed that scheduling synchronous sessions would be difficult (raising some equity issues for any students in a different time zone, for example). However, for the Games module, there would be both data collection and probably some discussion within the environment; for the CMC module, the data collection fieldwork would take place in 2nd life, but the discussion would be held in the normal VLE for the module. We revisited the “theory tables” idea, which does now seem much more a module-level than a project-level outcome for the work. (The project-level outcome might be the ‘idea’ of the table as a tool for organising data for discussion, with specific tables as examples.) We also discussed ongoing experiences in 2nd life; Andrew in particular had some interesting stories to tell about playing music through the environment, and will document this (or perhaps create a short video) in advance of the Eduserv meeting.