An edited version of the slides from our 20 minute presentation, ‘Learning from Online Worlds, Teaching in Second Life’ from the Joint Eduserv CETIS meeting on Education and Second Life (20/9/2007 at the London Knowledge Lab) is online here.

Here’s our abstract:

Learning in Second Life: convention, contexts and methods: In this presentation, the project team will adopt a work-in-progress stance, to report on our research into learning in Second Life and World of Warcraft. We will describe our experiences in each of these social, virtual worlds, and discuss how these experiences are shaping our research. We will indicate particular methodological issues arising from our work within social worlds. We will report on a number of specific themes that are emerging, including issues pertaining to drama and self-representation, the notion of implicit and explicit contextual constructions of expertise, and questions of user motivation, pleasure and the Second Life ‘learning curve’.