Last night we had a session on ethics and online research with the students from the Computer Mediated Communications module on the IOE’s MA in ICT and Education. Lots of students, lots of texting – anarchic, and funny. We’ll be collecting feedback and following this up with the students over the next week as they explore a virtual world of their choice. We held the session at Education UK Island (227, 39, 21) in the sandbox.

image from SL

Here is the list of references that we used.
Bruckman, A. (2002) Ethical Guidelines for Research Online, online here.
Useful selection of papers about ethics and online research is available here.
BERA (British Educational Research Association) Revised Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research (2004) is online here.
Basett, E.H and O’Riordan, K. (undated) Ethics of Internet Research: Contesting the Human Subjects Research Model, online here
Ess, C. and the AOIR (2002) Ethical decision-making and Internet Research, online here

And here’s a picture of one of the tutors in action.

class tutor