This is the plan for the second session:
The plan will be distributed to the class on notecards and on the conventional vle, and by email (!) prior to the session.

The class will break up into groups, according to the research theme investigated. Each group will hold a discussion ‘in the round’ – meaning that each topic group will have an uninterrupted discussion in the centre, while the rest of the class acts as an audience.
The groups are, in running order:
Gender, Identity, Expertise and then Miscellaneous (which is anyone not in the above groups)
Each groups has 10 mins and should address these questions:
1. Which world were you investigating and what did you find?
2. How have you reflected on your experience as a researcher in this context?
3. How can we identify or value the kind of “learning” that might be taking place?
4. What are the implications for educators?
We will put a big red rug on the ground and that’ll be the spotlight/stage for the group who is talking.
After each group has spoken for 10 mins, the class can join in for 5 mins. Then the next group takes the stage.