I went to a nice event at City University last Friday, the details are…ESRC Festival Event Programme: Social Learning in Virtual Worlds, at the Interaction Lab, Centre for Human-computer Interaction Design, City University London 14.3.2008. It was convened by Panayiotis Zaphiris and Chee Siang Ang.

Here’s the points from one of my slides…the rest of my talk was about the project as a whole. When I write it up properly it will be added as a page here with data etc.

The talk was called Learning to Teach in Second Life.

Indications and early findings emerging from our post session interviews:
SL sessions ‘chaotic but motivating’
SL works well as compliment to conventional VLE such as First Class or Blackboard (which has different advantages – greater sense of structure, clearer identification of content – but ‘dry’ socially).
Fairs less well when students moved between face-to-face, a conventional VLE and SL
Requires a lot of structuring, and this structuring might not be sensed by the students (ie our frantic IM-ing for example)
Requires a lot of careful framing as can be very ambiguous, for eg.
Requires moving between registers or frames in a Goffman sense…while the ‘keys’ might not be obvious to students.

Class in SL