Millions of people regularly play computer and video games, and during the past decade there has been an explosion of innovative research in the area of Game Studies. Students of this course will analyse games, research player culture, and explore current games and education debates. The course will cover:

·         Game definitions and genre

·         Narrative and games

·         The relationship between games and other popular media

·         Play, player culture and online communities

·         Representations, identity, gender and fandom

·         Learning in games, and within game communities

·         The use of games and virtual worlds by teachers

·         The place of games within the Media Studies curriculum

·         The meaning and acquisition of ‘game literacy’

·         Drama, Role-Play and Learning

·         Game research methodology

This MA level course is aimed at anyone interested in studying games, play and education. The course combines distance learning with 2 days of face-to-face teaching. The course tutors, Diane Carr and Andrew Burn, have researched, taught and published extensively on the topics of games, players and media education.

The course can be taken on its own, as part of the Institute of Education’s MA in Media, Culture and Communications, or as a 30 credit optional module on many of the IOE’s MA’s.

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