SL, MUDs, MMORPGs, Web 2.0…

OECD-CERIE Expert Meeting on Videogames and Education, Santiago de Chile, Chile, October 2007.

Papers are information online here from a strong and international set of presenters.  


Here is a story about the service provider of the newly implemented ‘Identity Verification’ in SL, and here is the announcement from Linden Labs, ‘Identity Verification Comes to Second Life’…

From a suggestion on the SL researchers list
Science 27 July 2007:
Online here.
Vol. 317. no. 5837, pp. 472 – 476
DOI: 10.1126/science.1146930
Author: William Sims Bainbridge
Quote from the abstract:
“This article uses Second Life and World of Warcraft as two very different examples of current virtual worlds that foreshadow future developments, introducing a number of research methodologies that scientists are now exploring, including formal experimentation, observational ethnography, and quantitative analysis of economic markets or social networks.”

As a kind of follow-on to the ‘ethics and SL research’ meeting held at Aleks Krotoski’s last month, Aleks has suggested the following…

Amy Bruckman – Studying the Amateur Artist

Amy Bruckman – Ethical guidelines for research online

Judith Donath – Identity and deception in an online community

“I’d close World of Warcraft!” MUD creator Richard Bartle on the state of virtual worlds
Interview with Keith Stuart, Guardian Games Blog 17th June 2007
Features an interesting conversation about 3D…virtual worlds…innovation….and a long Q and A session.