Virtual Worlds in the media

An article at the Guardian looking at virtual world numbers and developments, online here.

A very enthuasistic article from Newsweek, International Edition, July 2007.
If you count the extra bits at the side, the ‘it’s not a game’ definition-by-default appears at least 3 times in various forms. I’m still collecting these…

A review of
Second Lives, by Tim Guest
Through the screen to wonderland
Reviewed by Pat Kane
Published: 06 July 2007
The Independent
(UK newspaper)

There’s an article in Wired looking at what goes wrong for corporations setting up in Second Life. It doubles quite nicely with Ren Reynolds’ 2006 Terranova article in which he ponders a looming SL backlash. 

It’s a short article, but Martin is quoted.

This time from the THES, 15 June 2007.
The funny (not funny) thing is reconciling this kind of report with the difficulties that many (most?) people are having getting access. Some of the problems involve hitting university network security, limited profile space, graphics cards, computers more then a couple of years old and an institution’s firewall – and that’s for the employees. How many of our students are going to be able to access it?

On BBC Radio 4 this week. Second Lives  By Tim Guest, abridged by Jane Marshall, read by Paul Panting. Quote: A revelatory journey through the electronic looking glass of alternative life online, where 35 million people around the globe abandon reality for a virtual life.  Unquote

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