Other articles are posted under categories on this blog (‘teaching, learning and virtual worlds’, for example)

Updates, Feb 2009 – More journal articles are becoming available, as are entire special issues on virtual worlds and learning.  These include ALT-J 16(3), a Special Issue titled Learning and Teaching in Immersive Virtual Worlds (IVWs), edited by Maggi Savin Baden and Robert Ward (January 09), a forthcoming British Journal and Education and Technology, Special issue, ‘Out of This World: 3-D MUVEs in Higher Education’ 40 (3) due in April – and, later in 2009, an interesting sounding special issue from the London Review of Education on Being online: a critical view of identity and subjectivity in new virtual learning spaces’.  

The time in Second Life is US Pacific Time, or San Francisco time so the UK is 8 hours ahead in summer. And here’s a world clock conversion.

An overview of UK Higher Education activities in Second Life by John Kirriemuir (www.silversprite.com) and the Eduserv Foundation. 

Useful in terms of an introduction to SL and SL research, whatever your discipline: ‘Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human’. Tom Boellstorff. Princeton University Press 2008 (released just as our project finished!)  

A useful looking set of tips for starting out in Second Life from the SJSU wiki, including guides to downloading SL, getting through Orientation Island and preference settings.

A list of education places and resources in SL is here http://secondlife.iste.wikispaces.net/page/code/SLtours

Learning to Research in Second Life: 3D MUVEs as meta-research fields (online here) a report about using SL to teach/practice ethnography written by Fragoso, Fischer, da Silva, Freitas, Land, Loesch, Trindade, Mariani, and  Delanhesi at the Universidade do Vale do Rio do Sinos, Unisinos, Brazil – published in the International Journal of Education and Development using ICT vol.4 no 2, 2008.

The Second Life Community Convention 2007 Education Track Proceedings are online, follow this link.

Learning in Immersive Worlds: A review of game-based learning, a JISC report by Sara de Freitas is online here.

This wiki on Second Life Creativity has material about new users, residents, SL archetypes and more – it’s linked to this blog of the same name by Henrik Bennetsen at Stanford University (Humanities Lab). Also, the Life Squared and The Presence Project work is presented here.

YouTube Second Life machinima listings, includes many tutorials…

The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research is online here. One of their papers: Herold, D.K (2009) ‘Teaching Media Studies in Second Life’. Journal of Virtual Worlds Research Vol 2 No 1 April 09.

A list of Second Life forums by Aimee Weber is online here.

An introductory article with instructions for finding sandboxes, or identifying furries, by Wagner James Au, online at kotaku.

An excellent place for the curious beginner to start is edumuve.com (administered by Jeff Hiles) which has a coherent, succinct and illustrated list of educational places in Second Life.

Ethical decision-making and Internet Research by Charles Ess and the Association of Internet Researchers in online here. Other useful papers on Internet ethics are online here.

This document by Dr Megan S.Conklin, ‘101 Uses for Second Life in the College Classroom’, mentions research ethics and student’s experiences.

Aleks Krotoski’s Social Sims blog has articles, links and resources on social worlds and Second Life.

Terra Nova, the big, interdisciplinary blog of virtual world research.

Synthetic Worlds: The Business and Culture of Online Games, Edward Castronova, 2005, University of Chicago Press (This reference applies to SL as well as WoW)

Digital Games Research Association – Their website has a digital library of materials from the DiGRA International conferences of 2003 and 2005.

New World Notes: Wagner James Au reports first-hand from Second Life. NWN features reports on social and cultural life, events and businesses within SL.

Proceedings of the Second Life Education Workshop at the Second Life Community Convention, San Francisco, August 20th 2006. Edited by Daniel Livingston and Jeremy Kemp.

The Second Life Education Wiki – ‘A virtual worlds resource for educators and academics’

New user guides to Second Life that I’ve found useful include this one, Gwyn’s Beginners Guide to Second Life, by Gwyneth Llewelyn (learn about land, skins, shapes, textures, etc.) and this one at ArianeB’s Second Life page. There are also lots of building and creation tutorials here at Natalia Zelmanov’s Second Life Diary.

The Second Life Herald – ‘Always Fairly Unbalanced’ can be read here.

Once inside Second Life, information on education and learning is easy to find. Scattered around Help Island, Orientation Island and the Welcome Areas, is a poster asking you if you are ‘Looking For Real Life Education Places in Second Life?’. There is also a poster that you can click for the latest issue of The SLED Picayune, a newsletter promising ‘News, Events, Ideas, People, Places and More’ on education, training, libraries and museums in Second Life.

The wiki for the Second Life Best Practices in Education: Teaching/Learning/Research Interanational Conference, 25 May 2007 is online here.

From http://sledpicayune.blogspot.com/
on June 4, 2007
Top 10 reasons to use SL
Forwarded by Ed Lamoureux. Original post by Chris Swaine May 07
This is a useful review of various issues (from access, to assessment, the various pros and cons). The author is positive about SL and education, yet admits “I would very much doubt there is much robust [robust = key word] evidence yet that virtual worlds DO support learner retention, achievement or attainment. However, I also have no doubt that it is only a matter of time before that starts to filter through”.

Lots of links and educator’s resources and e-learning literature here at Puritan’s Guide to Second Life, Dembe Wellman’s blog.

And there’s this – http://www.secondliferesearch.blogspot.com/

And here’s a list of Second Life and education mailing lists (thanks Natasha).


11 Responses to “Resources SL”

  1. An good showcase of commercial machinima created in Second Life is at http://www.planetvideo.co.uk

  2. […] Second Life resources various and sundry from Learning From Social Worlds (tags: reference secondlife virtual online learning resource sl) […]

  3. DC Says:

    “Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet” on the topic “Being Virtually Real? Virtual Worlds from a Cultural Studies’ Perspective” is now available. Please see http://online.uni-hd.de.

  4. Django Yifu Says:

    SimTeach.com is an excellent resource for educators and one project in particular worth mentioning is the SaLamander Project

  5. Diane Says:

    As part of the ESRC seminar series on young people and technology a new publication has been produced with the grand title of
    “Theorising the benefits of new technology for youth: Controversies of learning and development”.
    The publication contains the following papers:
    * Charles Crook “Theories of formal and informal learning in the world of web 2.0”
    * John Coleman “Theories of youth development: controversies of age and stage”
    * Neil Selwyn “Developing the technological imagination: theorising the social shaping and consequences of new technologies

  6. Diane Says:


    An interesting keynote in relation to online worlds and learning.

  7. socialworlds Says:

    A report from Greg Wadley about research into collaborative building in SL.

  8. Jelly Says:

    There is a big project starting at Coventry- The Socio-Political Impact of Virtual World Learning on Higher Education – their new blog is online at http://cuba.coventry.ac.uk/leverhulme/

  9. Check out this link:

    What are language teachers doing in Second Life? See here for further information and lots of links in Section 14.2.1, ICT4LT Module 1.5


    Graham Davies
    Emeritus Proffessor of Computer Assisted Language Learning

  10. socialworlds Says:

    Hong Kong Polytechnic University virtual campus has a number of different educational experiments:

    1. mental health clinic
    2. virtual library
    3. virtual hotels
    4. teaching labs etc.

    HKPolyu Campus http://slurl.com/secondlife/HKPolyU Campus/100/157/26

    The University has been teaching around 9 different applied undergrad courses since 2007. See also http://penkyamp.blogspot.com
    (Suggested by Paul Penfold)

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